Most Iconic Surf Spots in Wales

The Quintessential Welsh Surf Spots

I thought I’d kick of my ‘Where To Surf’ series with a quick run down of what are, in my opinion, the most iconic places to surf in Wales.

These destinations might not be the places to catch the best or even most consistent swell, but it’s the whole package that makes them worth visiting.

All of these destinations are great places to visit in their own rights, regardless of if you’re taking your board or not. So grab a pen and paper at the ready because you’ll need to not these iconic surf spots down:

Llangennith, Gower

There’s a reason why this 3-mile stretch of coast is regularly crammed with tourists: the huge stretch of sandy beach here is perfect for tourists looking to get started on their surfing journey. This south westerly facing beach is, in addition to being a great starting point for beginners, also looks out on to some gorgeous scenery. So if you’ve got a few spectators with you they’ll have more than just surfers to look at!

Porthcawl, Bridgend

Not only is Porthcawl a great example of a Welsh tourist town, complete with fairground attractions and donkey rides, there’s also the opportunity to catch some truly awesome waves whilst you’re there. Many diehard surfers are easy to dismiss the decent swell over at Porthcawl, but to miss it out on your surf trip to Wales would be a real tragedy. This is hands down one of the best destinations for a no-frill surf weekender.

Freshwater West, Castlemartin

Most British surfers have heard of the legendarily consistent surf that you can catch at Freshwater but for beginners, the name will be probably be greeted with a shrug. Home of the Welsh nationals competition, this is a massive site to get stuck into with some seriously powerful peaks to pop out of. Whilst not perfect for beginners, those who are relatively new but looking for a challenge will enjoy themselves here.

Whitesand Bay, St. David’s

You can find this idyllic spot just a short drive away from the historical town of St. David’s – a great spot to stop off at, if you have the time. This is a great all-weather break to visit that can throw a few surprised when you least expect it. Whilst the average day might not produce anything that could be described as ‘world-class’ there’s a lot to love about the scenic paddle out.

Newgale, Pembrokeshire

With a huge wealth of vendors to hire equipment from this is an ideal place for families who are looking to try out surfing for the first time. The waves are mostly forgiving here, so the only safety concern you’ll have to worry about is other people. Try and visit off-season to make the most of the easy going swell and don’t forget to take a few snaps of the truly iconic, curving landscape that you can see for miles around.

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